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Ameen Abo Kaseem

  • Ameen Abo Kaseem

Untitled 08, Damascus 2022.

"I as an artist fell helpless in front of catastrophe this huge.
Our hearts and souls are with our Syrian brothers all across Syria.
We offer our work in support of the victims of the earthquakes, we believe in community work more than anything. So today, we invite you to join our hope in supporting our brothers across the country. We fell very sorrow and traumatized, so many has died, so many is still suffering, we desire a great solitude.
Let us brothers feel our common tragedy, and use the pain to find a common future we're all part of."

*About the artist
Ameen Abo Kaseem
Palestinian-Syrian Multidisciplinary visual artist, documentary photographer, and Cinematographer, based in Damascus. Member of ADPP, Magnum Foundation, Prince Claus Fund, and Al-AYOUN. He will graduate in 2023 from the Higher Institute for Dramatic Arts of Damascus, where he currently studies a BA in visual arts. Ameen started using photography in 2016 as a way to communicate and express himself. His work focuses on personal surroundings looking at toxic lifestyles and methods of survival. recently received a mentorship by "AFAC" for he's first Project "How Was Everything, Before All This Ruin?" which participated in "AN EXPRESSION OF ABSENCE" Showing at Magnum Foundation & BDC in New York, also received a production grant from Ettijahat for he's second project "My Short-term memory". Ameen is currently working on his cinematic debut with the support of Südkulturfonds.

Follow his work on instagram : @ameenakaseem

*About the print
C-print on lambda, Satin RC paper
Available in A4 format.
A4 : 210 x 297 mm

All profits will be donated to our partners working on the ground in Syria - see "About" page for the full list. Sent by tracked mail. As we are a team of volunteers, orders will be processed, packed and sent every two weeks.